Friday, April 6, 2012

Experimenting with android

So I'm not planning on taking a laptop with me as I doubt I'll have much access to power or wireless internet. Also I'm forced to take minimum gear as I'm required to take my own tent and sleeping gear.

Optus informed me that my phone is unlocked and I can just put a UK sim in it. So that's the plan. Im experimenting with the mobile blogger app for the first time.

Today I've set my tent up for the first time. It is a kathmandu retreat 30 2 person tent, I picked it up on sale for $50. I also got a light weight self inflating mat for about to same price. I only just noticed when I put it in the tent today that they are the same colour lol.

The next step is to see if I can add some loops inside to attach the peg less clothes line to to air my towel and such inside.

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