Thursday, May 10, 2012

Playing with Packing

Only 2 weeks left until I go :) Today I went to mountain designs and picked up a travel pillow which is small enough to take on the plane and large enough to use as a pillow. I cliped on a tiny caribeana so it can hang on the outside of my backpack :)

I'm currently looking at getting a traveller card from my bank to avoid a $4 fee plus a conversion free on every transaction on my account. I'm also looking into either a travel sim or getting a UK sim, need to research the UK sim.

I've also decided as cozy as the flanalet liner seems that I made as and extra layer in my sleeping bag it's just too bulky. Refer to the attached photo to see a size comparison of the silk liner (in the little bag) to the sheet I modified. You can also see the pretty pink bag I'm taking :)

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