Thursday, May 24, 2012

Night Before

Today I worked a full day, although I could have been doing last minute cleaning and relaxing the extra money will be nice.

I've decided to be paranoid and buy padlocks for my bags. I've rearranged my main bag so everything is in the two compartments which can be locked. Bright green locks on black/grey/hot pink bags looks funny.

I've been thinking I need to take something from home with me. So I'm wearing my gold necklace that my parents got for me when I was ten with my 3 tone gold cross that I got for my 18th from my second mum (my neighbour). I am not religious in anyway but wearing it means a lot for sentimental reasons.

It still feels very odd wearing a cross after I made my mind up, that god has no place in my life. It is a symbol of my neighbours faith but to me it is a symbol of love and good luck. the love of my family and my extended family in my neighbours.

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