Saturday, May 19, 2012

All packed and ready to go

On wednesday I packed everything I'm taking into my duffle bag and backpack that I'm carrying on. One problem the duffle seemed rather heavy, went back through my pack list. I need everything I've packed. Dad and I weighed my bag and it was 25kgs, damn 2kgs over! So on thursday I was on hold for 40mins to ask about additional baggage or heavy baggage. Paying for and taking an extra bag seemed my best option. I confirmed with the Qantas lady that it would be $90 each way so $180 total, but it had to be booked online.

On friday I put through the additional baggage and the confirmation screen said $180, sweet all set. Later that night the email printout comes through and says $360! Now I'm waiting for the transaction to come through on dad's card to see what they actually charged. Sigh, I can see myself on hold for a long time again soon.

Everything aside from my passport and ticket is packed. The extra sports bag may look bulky but there is not a lot in it mosty just my steel caps and toiletries. Now I'm just waiting for friday to fly out. Oh and I have a fair amount of chocolate to eat and beer to drink so I can turn off my bar fridge while I'm away :) I should start working on that :p

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