Saturday, June 2, 2012

2nd of June

Last night I did my washing but my jeans weren't dry enough in the drier and my hiking pants aren't supposed to go in the drier at all. It was very odd to me that there are specially designed racks that go over the radiator to hang clothes on.

 Today I tried to repack everything to leave for Kev's place this afternoon into one bag and my backpack. I need to somehow fit the food and drink I've gotten as well into my bags. I failed at doing so before we had to go out so it was tidied away until this afternoon. Steve, Jen and I braved the chilly, windy English Summer day to go to the 'Who Shop' which has been open since the 80s. Out the back they have a little museum that they charge a few pounds each to go have a look. There was nothing really in the shop that I can't get cheaper and easier in Australia so I didn't buy anything but the museum was cool. See below the Van Gough costume which is their latest addition.

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