Saturday, June 2, 2012

Changing of the Guard and BBC

Today I went to try and see the changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace and so did several other hundred people. The above photo is the 'best' photo and best view I got all morning. I could actually see some of their red coats here! The atmosphere was awesome with the music and the excitement but really I couldn't see anything that was going on because of the vast number of people. There were police everywhere mounted and on foot and lots of preparation was going on for the Jubilee celebrations this weekend.

As I was pushing passed the crowds to get away from Buckingham Palace I noticed a cold wet feeling on my leg beneath my bag. Oh No the bottle of water I bought tipped upside down in all the pushing and poured water through my bag :( My brand new A to Z looks 10 years old, my paperwork all ran, my notebook is slightly wavey and my Kindle has just died. I think the main problem was the water sort of pooled in the bottom before seeping out rather than just running out. So I went into the closes bag store and grabbed a cheap tourist messenger bag and put everything into the nice dry bag.

Later in the day was supposed to be the highlight of the day. The BBC tour of the Television centre. Advertised to be about top gear and dr who. The above picture shows the extent of Dr Who on the tour. They have a Tardis in the forecourt of the building and that was it! The tour was mostly about the news and the weather, being surrounded by 20 scottish primary school kids did not help. I was disappointed to say the least.

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