Sunday, July 15, 2012

Another wet week

Monday 9th July:  It was too wet to get into the trenches so I was finds washing then went onto environmental sorting. Graham was wondering very bored, as a result Anne and I ended up chained to a wall. As well as working in the dark for a bit when he turned the lights out on us in the windowless stone room.

Tuesday 10th July: I did finds washing in morning as it was rather wet outside then Neal decided it was dry enough so we headed to the Kaims for rest of day. I started a half section of a possible pit feature.

Wednesday 11th July: It was too wet for any work in any trenches today so I was finds sorting half the day then we watched The Time Team Bamburgh episode.

Thursday 12th July: Finds sorting all day Woo. We did get through a hell of a lot of sorting.

Friday 13th July: Kaims I completed the excavation of my half section and started the section drawing.

Saturday 14th July: I was at the Kaims all day. I cleaned my half section, finished the section drawing and got the half section photographed. I then started cleaning around rocks west of cist stone

 Graham supervising me drawing my section plan which is not as impressive as my plan of T42 but the section itself was rather uninteresting with only one context and it appears to be natural not human made.
 The half section in all it's glory!
 Graham photographing the half section.

Sunday 15th July: Today we visited Vindolanda a roman archaeological site that has been continuously excavated for 40 years. The field school sells out in a matter of minutes when registration opens apparently. The museum was amazing in one day they got 70 leather shoes out of one trench. They have over 4000 shoes and only one actual pair. It is just south of Hadrian's wall and pre-dates it by 40years. We then went to the sister site called the Roman Army Museum which was much the same stuff as the Vindolanda museum that was a bit disappointing. We then walked down the road to a national walking trail up to a section of Hadrians wall that is still standing. In sections it was upto about 8 feet tall though it was probably closer to 5feet for most of the section that remains and there is one turret remains right up the top. 
 In the back of the photo is the raised sections for a raised floor this is a bath house that had a heated floor (fire was made under the raised floor).
 Looking at just a small portion of the site from the experimental archaeology reconstruction of Hadrian's wall
 Hadrian's Wall! You cant see from the photo how high up this is but the ridge is really high, it was a bit of a hike up the side of the hill to get up there.
 Me in front of the wall! We had just been rained on
Jackie in front of the wall.

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