Monday, July 9, 2012

Coring at the Kaims

Sunday 9th of it was a relatively dry day for the project. I was assigned to geographic coring. Two students went out with the local coring guy; Matt. We started coring in a swamped field. My ankle high leather boots were not upto the task and were full of cold water within the first few minutes just getting to the coring site. We all ended up covered in mud from head to toe. Including in my hair and inside my ears.
 Anne, Matt and I after a morning of coring.
 Anne, Matt and I after a morning of coring.
 Anne and Matt coring in standing water
 This is what we bring up with the core; a sample of the environmental complex
These are my oh so fashionable purple snakeskin wellies (gumboots) from Tescos (a mega grocery/department store). They probably would have been useful at the Kaims but they are cheap and nasty so I didn't trust them to hold up to the walking down into the Kaims.

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